Torch of Defoilance

We only got 6 people for draft night so we did it up team-style, but I scored pretty big with my pack one, pick one:

That’s a foil, if it isn’t clear from the crummy cell phone photo. I’m grizzled enough that I don’t freak out too much about pulling this or that from a booster but I must admit I was giddy over this one. I have been trying to get a copy of Chandra, Torch of Defiance for my Modern deck for several weeks now. I repeatedly checked with my friendly local game store – they just haven’t gotten any more copies into their stock yet. I’ve been using a borrowed one from my pal Chris for the last couple Modern tournies but of course I’d prefer to have my own.

After that pick, I tried to draft red (duh) and ended up with an okay red-white deck.

Cutting to the chase: my team won, thanks largely to one of us (not me) pulling off a 3-0. From what I saw, all six decks in the draft were pretty legit. There was an actually good Electrostatic Pummeler deck on my team, and an actually good Panharmonicon deck on the opposing team, plus some more “normal” midrangey decks like mine. Pretty sweet format.

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