Draft Magic Online Salt

Salt Road Patrol, Indeed

Just farting around, did a Fate-Khans-Khans 6-2-2-2 queue for funsies tonight and my round 2 opponent got pretty salty. Even though his deck had End Hostilities in it… he was still pretty hostile. The best part was when he re-started the chat with me after round 3.

Your tears are so salty and delicious.

My deck was okay, it was straight black-white; not much in the sideboard. I first-picked the Mardu Strike Leader and got a pair of Reach of Shadows in the next couple picks.

Round 2 guy had End Hostilities but I tried my best to not play into it in games 2 & 3. Round 3 guy ranched me in game one with an Outpost Siege on Khans, he also had Crater’s Claws. Games 2 & 3 I just had a good curve and got under him.

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