Magic Online

Riding the Skysovereign to a 9-0

Achieved my first-ever 9-0 in a Friendly Sealed League on Magic Online. You need to catch some breaks to win 9 in a row, it helps to start by opening some unfair mythics.

I noticed multiple decks were playing at least three colors, and the deck I played against in round 8 even had a full “five color green” thing going on. I had a good curve solidly in only two colors so I was often ahead on board by a couple permanents while opponents were still setting up their third colors in the early turns. I’m also frankly lucky to have avoided encountering many opposing decks as absurd as my own. Sure, I saw other planeswalkers and other gearhulks, but I never had a Skysovereign mirror match come up.

Memorable moments included doming a guy for 11 with a Combustible Gearhulk trigger and killing an Aethersquall Ancient by casting Skysovereign, Consul Flagship and then cloning it with Saheeli Rai to get two 3-damage triggers.

Skill game!

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