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Of Statues And Symbolic Murder

“a blind and abstract hatred completely devoid of any impulse of charity toward others”


Love Letter: Lady Blue

I find that the more “in” an in-joke is, the funnier and more durable it is. I recently made this re-skin of the Love Letter card game (great game, by the way, I recommend you buy a copy) based on an in-joke that goes back 20+ years.

Printing custom cards can be a tricky thing. The images below are appropriately-sized for printing as 2.5″x3.5″ cards if you want to download them individually. I also have a quick-and-dirty printable PDF of all 8(16) cards here.

Magic Arena Videos

May 2020 Arena Open

Update: they banned this degenerate format the day after the event. Great timing, feels really good – thanks, Wizards!

Took a shot at the two-day Arena Open this weekend. On Day 1 you had to hit 7 wins in Best-of-1, and you could enter as many times as you wanted. I was only going to run it once because it costs roughly $20 to enter and I’m not some deluded grinder. Frankly, I just wanted the digital Godzilla lands that you got with your entry.

I managed to finish at 7-2 despite some pretty bad mistakes so I was pretty stoked about that. Day 2 was Best-of-3 and if you hit 6 or 7 wins you get actual cash. Spoiler alert, I almost instantly died on Day 2 but at least scraped out one win, netting me my entry fee back. Got the Godzilla lands, anyway!