Noooooo just no

The Magic community recently became embroiled in a controversy over online bullying. A cosplayer named Christine Sprankle accused a YouTuber named Jeremy Hambly (Unsleeved Media) of harassing her so badly that she had to quit her cosplay business. Debate raged across the Magic internet, including of course on the MagicTCG subreddit. The MagicTCG mods quickly began issuing bans with extreme prejudice. For example, I was perma-banned for posting this:

“I don’t want WOTC getting involved every time some dorkus malorkus is rude to someone online. Terrible precedent.”

Now, by way of self-reflection, I cannot be too indignant. Historically I was mostly shitposting for lulz in that subreddit so I probably didn’t belong there in the first place. Nonetheless, issuing mass bannings for not immediately falling in line on a social media feud gives me pause. The issue continued to simmer and WOTC eventually issued a lifetime DCI ban to Hambly and shorter bans to some other folks as well, notably pro player Travis Woo.

The whole thing is a few weeks old at this point and has largely blown over but for whatever it’s worth, here are my hot takes:

– I think Hambly is a charlatan and you are some kind of idiot and/or sucker if you buy into any of his blathering.

– I feel badly for Travis Woo, I think he got a bum rap.

– The MagicTCG subreddit is unsalvageable. They banned all of the clever, funny people (*AHEM*) so now it’s down to, like, seriously, people sharing their mom’s card alters.

– Cosplay is fine but I don’t understand why anyone would pay someone else to do it.

– Everybody should just try to be cool to each other and not be such turds all the time.

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