Draft Magic Online Salt

Lollective Effort

First-picked Collective Effort, ended up red-white with a trio of Brazen Wolvess.

Round 1 was not too rough, opponent had kind of a schizophrenic blue-white madness-emerge-fliers thing. Round 2, opponent had a very good black-red madness deck with Call the Bloodline, Olivia, Mobilized for War, Alchemist’s Greeting, Murderous Compulsion, on and on. I consider myself lucky to have gotten past him. Lunarch Mantle did good work, I have come around on that card and will almost always play one, especially if I can mitigate it a little with an Ironclad Slayer.

Round 3 was the real highlight, though. Opponent was black-red, but I can’t imagine the deck was better than the Olivia deck from round 2. Anyway, I won the die roll and my opening hand was 3 Plains and some red cards. I mulled to a terrible 6, a terrible 5 and then kept a 4 of 3 lands and Field Creeper. On my scry I left a Steadfast Cathar on top. For his part, opponent had also mulled but at least kept on 6.

Then he misses a bunch of land drops and dies to my crappy 2/1’s. That’ll do, Field Creeper, that’ll do.

He wins game 2, so I’m on the play for game 3. I have a good opening hand with Collective Effort. We go back and forth until I get a pretty big blowout:

On his turn 4, our boards are empty and he plays Accursed Witch. I “waste” Fiery Temper on it during his end step, so now I have an Infectious Curse draining me on my turn. I cast Gatstaf Arsonists and pass. Opponent has a Vildin-Pack Outcast as his 5-drop, pass back to me. I’ve made my land drops so on 6 mana I cast Brazen Wolves and then double-escalate Collective Effort to destroy both his Vildin-Pack Outcast and his Infectious Curse and also put +1/+1 counters on my two creatures.

I could have chosen to not escalate for the +1/+1 counters, and then attacked on that turn with the Gatstaf Arsonists but I thought getting them up above 4 toughness, and the Brazen Wolves above 3, would be worth it. From there, my large guys just kept crunching in there.

Got some delicious salt in the chat: