Draft Magic Online Salt

High Saltinels of Arashin

3-0’d a draft online with a Temur deck. Round 3 was pretty great.

Game 1, I played Icefeather Aven face up on turn two, looking at an aggressive plan with the Mystic of the Hidden Way in my hand (that same line had worked well in a previous match). However, I never drew a third land. Meanwhile, opponent made his first 4 land drops on time and dropped a few creatures, including a High Sentinels of Arashin.


Game 2, I kept another two-land hand. I missed some land drops and had to discard to hand size a couple times. I thought I was done for, but when I finally drew my third land on turn 6 I was able to claw my way back and win the game.

Game 3 I had a good opening hand and protected my Savage Knuckleblade, who took it all the way home. He’s at 5, I go in for the kill with Knucklehead and a facedown morph. The final attack looked like this:


Eliciting this response:


Mmm, delicious.

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