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Grand Prix Omaha 2017

Spent a nice weekend at Grand Prix Omaha recently, brought along Chris to keep an eye on me. I’m due for a bender (I think I average one per quarter) so it was prudent to have a spotter around. As it happened, I was wholly responsible the entire time and got into zero trouble. I think that just rolls over and amplifies the next bender but let’s leave tomorrow’s problems for tomorrow.

The main event was Standard, which I just cannot be bothered with. To spoil the ending, an Aetherworks Marvel deck won the tournament and the card was subsequently banned. Whoopee.

I was there for the side events, the first one on Friday evening was “Foiled Again!” sealed, which was just 3 rounds of Amonkhet sealed with extra FNM promos after each win. The best one by far was the Unlicensed Disintegration that everyone got just for signing up. You did get a random Cascade Games playmat upon entering and I was glad to get the Dreamhack pyramids mat for mine. The other possible mats were all shitty garbage like a picture of Rattleclaw Mystic or Ajani standing there being a dumb cat. Hard pass.

My sealed pool was lame but I managed to 3-0 through sheer force of will, beating other decks with real cards like Angel of Sanctions and Glorybringer. I also entered several drafts througout the weekend but insta-died in all of them, so there’s not much to say there. I did open my first Invocation, a Kefnet the Mindful so I was pretty stoked about that. The other rare in the pack was Rhonas the Indomitable, so homeboy on my left was also pleased. I still think these Invocations look dope, you haters can take off. Have you seen the Blood Moon one?! Hnnnnggggh.

On Saturday, I entered a 4-round Modern event with my beloved Green-Red Ponza deck. Chris likes to give me shit about the deck whenever I’m talking it up – although, for that matter, Chris would probably give you shit for tying your shoes so it can be tough to know how to interpret any single instance of shit-giving… I digress. Point is, here for the first time, Chris had the pleasure of seeing me play some matches with the deck. I sacked off some nice Bonfire of the Damneds and everything. I don’t think I made him a believer, but I did X-0-draw into a goodly stack of skeeball tickets for the prize wall. During the event, I also happened to meet Matt Mendoza, the creator of the Modern Ponza deck. He was a couple seats down and noticed me playing it. He was fun to chat with; I should have had him sign my Mwonvuli Acid-Mosses. Other donkeys were going around getting LSV to sign their titties or whatever but for me, Mendoza was the coolest dude to meet.

Speaking of signing stuff, I got some cards signed by artists Mark Tedin, Eric Deschamps and Darrell Riche. They had advertised Jesper Myrfors but he didn’t show up. I was mildly butthurt about that as I brought a few of his old cards (e.g. Cosmic Horror) to have signed. I love that older art style; we never get anything like those pieces anymore. Now, everything is run through some processed cheese stylebook regimen.

Yeah, that’s a foil Olivia Voldaren. I got it in trade for a Bonfire of the Damned back when those cards were in Standard which, at the time, was pretty fair.

Aside from Magic stuff, we checked out a few restaurants – I made Chris try sushi, a minor coup because this guy is PICKY, and he even liked a couple of the items so we’ll have to run that back sometime. We also caught a late showing of Wonder Woman at Alamo Drafthouse. That movie is just okay, y’all need to calm down. I saw the goofy new Tom Cruise Mummy movie the following week and frankly had way more fun seeing that. I rantlaborate on that a bit on Splattercast #502, whenever that gets posted.

All these events run on prize wall skeeball tickets now so you have to cash out before you leave. I had a respectable pile and found myself with kind of slim pickins to choose from in their available stock. I got some deckboxes and a t-shirt, a few draft sets’ worth of Amonkhet boosters and burned the remainder of my tix on Eldritch Moon boosters, hoping to spike a Liliana…

Got there! Must be good karma.

Anyway, it was a pretty deece weekend.

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