Custom mat from Inked Playmats

Maybe playmats are kind of a silly affectation, but I’ve come to prefer using them most of the time. I think I like them primarily because they help define “your space.” In a crowded room with elbow-to-elbow people it feels nice to have a bit of a boundary established.

I’ve been interested in getting a custom playmat from Inked Playmats for a while, but never got around to it. I’d seen mats that other people had gotten from them, and they looked pretty legit so I was confident that their service was probably fine. They charge $24.99 for a custom mat, and shipping brings it closer to $30. However, they had a 35% off sale over Thanksgiving weekend so I was able to order a custom mat for about $20 including shipping.

I can do basic stuff in Photoshop but do not have a lot of experience with designing images intended for physical printing. The Inked Playmats website conveniently provides an appropriately-formatted Photoshop template file that you can use, and has a nice little tutorial video going over some of the important points in preparing an image for printing.

I’m a fan of being a stupid idiot, so I designed a collage of stupid cat pictures and put a kitschy phrase across it. I think it turned out pretty well. I’m pleased with the service and will use them again if I ever have an idea stupider than this one:

well, maybe you should

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