Oh no not my Blood Moon

This bike meme slays me. Maybe I’m a jerk, but as the guy in the comic says: whatever.

I made a version applicable to my own life situation:


Tokens out for Harambe

I went through a phase where I was super into making custom tokens but have not done any for a little while. Somehow it came up in conversation that a Harambe Voice of Resurgence token would be a good idea. And, I mean, it makes sense because, like Voice of Resurgence, when Harambe died his elemental essence came back stronger, representing the cumulative power of us all.

I made up a few to give to the guys at the local store:

Harambe tokens

Here is a jpg of the token that you can print for yourself if you’d like. It should be sized correctly for printing:


I usually insert them into a Word doc and print them down at Kinko’s (or your office’s nice color printer when nobody’s looking). I then cut them out with scissors and paste them onto leftover commons. It is kind of tedious but nobody said having style was easy.

Up close you can see the zipper on the gorilla suit, so to speak, but in a sleeve in a typical play situation they look pretty legit, if I do say so myself.


Custom mat from Inked Playmats

Maybe playmats are kind of a silly affectation, but I’ve come to prefer using them most of the time. I think I like them primarily because they help define “your space.” In a crowded room with elbow-to-elbow people it feels nice to have a bit of a boundary established.

I’ve been interested in getting a custom playmat from Inked Playmats for a while, but never got around to it. I’d seen mats that other people had gotten from them, and they looked pretty legit so I was confident that their service was probably fine. They charge $24.99 for a custom mat, and shipping brings it closer to $30. However, they had a 35% off sale over Thanksgiving weekend so I was able to order a custom mat for about $20 including shipping.

I can do basic stuff in Photoshop but do not have a lot of experience with designing images intended for physical printing. The Inked Playmats website conveniently provides an appropriately-formatted Photoshop template file that you can use, and has a nice little tutorial video going over some of the important points in preparing an image for printing.

I’m a fan of being a stupid idiot, so I designed a collage of stupid cat pictures and put a kitschy phrase across it. I think it turned out pretty well. I’m pleased with the service and will use them again if I ever have an idea stupider than this one:

well, maybe you should