Make Me A Mix Tape

I came up in the age of the mix tape. My friends and I would compile favorite songs onto cassettes and pass them around. We eventually moved to CD’s but the idea was the same. Now, of course, everything is just streaming on your phone or whatever but I still think there’s a little magic in making a mix. I have a few that you can download at

I try to keep them under 80 minutes so you can burn them to a CD if you still use that arcane, obsolete technology like I do.


Oh no not my Blood Moon

This bike meme slays me. Maybe I’m a jerk, but as the guy in the comic says: whatever.

I made a version applicable to my own life situation:


Tokens out for Harambe

I went through a phase where I was super into making custom tokens but have not done any for a little while. Somehow it came up in conversation that a Harambe Voice of Resurgence token would be a good idea. And, I mean, it makes sense because, like Voice of Resurgence, when Harambe died his elemental essence came back stronger, representing the cumulative power of us all.

I made up a few to give to the guys at the local store:

Harambe tokens

Here is a jpg of the token that you can print for yourself if you’d like. It should be sized correctly for printing:


I usually insert them into a Word doc and print them down at Kinko’s (or your office’s nice color printer when nobody’s looking). I then cut them out with scissors and paste them onto leftover commons. It is kind of tedious but nobody said having style was easy.

Up close you can see the zipper on the gorilla suit, so to speak, but in a sleeve in a typical play situation they look pretty legit, if I do say so myself.