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Magic Online Jeff Mirror Match

There’s another Jeff (we are legion) here in town that also plays Magic and we comically found ourselves in the same Magic Online draft queue tonight. My real-life record against this other Jeff is very poor, I believe he usually beats me so I will take this opportunity to gloat ūüôā

I ultimately lost in round 3, which was pretty disappointing. I won game 1 but in game 2 I never drew green mana РI take full responsibility for my poor manabase Рand in game 3 he put me under tremendous pressure with Ankle Shanker while I milled away my Death Frenzy.

Me and Other Jeff’s decklists and FB quips, for your amusement:

Me: My Deck Other Jeff: Other Jeff's Deck



Draft Magic Online Salt

I’m a sad creature

The context here is that the dude ultimately lost to his clock expiring, after developing a favorable board state. He was attacking with a Necropolis Fiend that I did not have an answer for (at least not in-hand; I did have answers in my deck). He clocked out of the match while one or two swings away from killing me and I guess he thinks it was lame for me to not scoop it up?

I actually really enjoy the unique tension you get in some MTGO matches where you deduce that your path to victory is the opponent’s clock. I know it’s a miserable way to lose – I’ve been there myself a few times, for sure – but it is a sweet way to win when you’re really up against the wall on-board.

I don't deny it.

Draft Magic Online Salt

High Saltinels of Arashin

3-0’d a draft online with a Temur deck. Round 3 was pretty great.

Game 1, I played Icefeather Aven face up on turn two, looking at an aggressive plan with the Mystic of the Hidden Way in my hand (that same line had worked well in a previous match). However, I never drew a third land. Meanwhile, opponent made his first 4 land drops on time and dropped a few creatures, including a High Sentinels of Arashin.


Game 2, I kept another two-land hand. I missed some land drops and had to discard to hand size a couple times. I thought I was done for, but when I finally drew my third land on turn 6 I was able to claw my way back and win the game.

Game 3 I had a good opening hand and protected my Savage Knuckleblade, who took it¬†all the way home. He’s at 5, I go in for the kill with Knucklehead and a facedown morph.¬†The final attack looked like this:


Eliciting this response:


Mmm, delicious.