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Riding the Skysovereign to a 9-0

Achieved my first-ever 9-0 in a Friendly Sealed League on Magic Online. You need to catch some breaks to win 9 in a row, it helps to start by opening some unfair mythics.

I noticed multiple decks were playing at least three colors, and the deck I played against in round 8 even had a full “five color green” thing going on. I had a good curve solidly in only two colors so I was often ahead on board by a couple permanents while opponents were still setting up their third colors in the early turns. I’m also frankly lucky to have avoided encountering many opposing decks as absurd as my own. Sure, I saw other planeswalkers and other gearhulks, but I never had a Skysovereign mirror match come up.

Memorable moments included doming a guy for 11 with a Combustible Gearhulk trigger and killing an Aethersquall Ancient by casting Skysovereign, Consul Flagship and then cloning it with Saheeli Rai to get two 3-damage triggers.

Skill game!

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Lollective Effort

First-picked Collective Effort, ended up red-white with a trio of Brazen Wolvess.

Round 1 was not too rough, opponent had kind of a schizophrenic blue-white madness-emerge-fliers thing. Round 2, opponent had a very good black-red madness deck with Call the Bloodline, Olivia, Mobilized for War, Alchemist’s Greeting, Murderous Compulsion, on and on. I consider myself lucky to have gotten past him. Lunarch Mantle did good work, I have come around on that card and will almost always play one, especially if I can mitigate it a little with an Ironclad Slayer.

Round 3 was the real highlight, though. Opponent was black-red, but I can’t imagine the deck was better than the Olivia deck from round 2. Anyway, I won the die roll and my opening hand was 3 Plains and some red cards. I mulled to a terrible 6, a terrible 5 and then kept a 4 of 3 lands and Field Creeper. On my scry I left a Steadfast Cathar on top. For his part, opponent had also mulled but at least kept on 6.

Then he misses a bunch of land drops and dies to my crappy 2/1’s. That’ll do, Field Creeper, that’ll do.

He wins game 2, so I’m on the play for game 3. I have a good opening hand with Collective Effort. We go back and forth until I get a pretty big blowout:

On his turn 4, our boards are empty and he plays Accursed Witch. I “waste” Fiery Temper on it during his end step, so now I have an Infectious Curse draining me on my turn. I cast Gatstaf Arsonists and pass. Opponent has a Vildin-Pack Outcast as his 5-drop, pass back to me. I’ve made my land drops so on 6 mana I cast Brazen Wolves and then double-escalate Collective Effort to destroy both his Vildin-Pack Outcast and his Infectious Curse and also put +1/+1 counters on my two creatures.

I could have chosen to not escalate for the +1/+1 counters, and then attacked on that turn with the Gatstaf Arsonists but I thought getting them up above 4 toughness, and the Brazen Wolves above 3, would be worth it. From there, my large guys just kept crunching in there.

Got some delicious salt in the chat:


Draft Magic Online

Skulkin’ on through

First-picked a Haunted Dead and settled into black-white early. I didn’t have any flashy bombs but I had 3x Desperate Sentry into 2x Abundant Maw so I made that play several times on turns 3-4. I also bought back those two cards with Macabre Waltz a few times for some grindin’. I never cast the Murderer’s Axe and always sided it out. That maybe didn’t belong in the deck, I dunno.

Round 1 vs Black-White: We shared some of the same cards, such as Haunted Dead but he also had a Subjugator Angel and a Bruna, the Fading Light. I think his deck was better than mine but I just ran well. (1-0)

Round 2 vs Blue-Red Spells: He had multiple Thermo-Alchemists and lots of good spells. Game 3 I sided in Peace of Mind and it really saved the day. Also I think I must have gotten a lucky misclick or something, because I attacked into his board of plenty of blockers and he just clicked past making any blocks and took lethal damage. He didn’t say anything in the chat window so I dunno what happened but, hey: I’ll take it. (2-0)

Round 3 culminated in a pretty sweet moment. Game 1, he utterly ranched me with Ulrich of the Krallenhorde, I was never in that game. Game 2 I had a good curve of Desperate Sentry into Abundant Maw and Humble the Brute right on time for Ulrich.

Game 3, he had a poor draw, whiffing on Foul Emissary, buying back Foul Emissary with Grapple with the Past and whiffing again while I kept smashing in. Eventually he’s down to 13 or so cards in library and I’m guessing something like 7 of those are lands based on the contents of his board and graveyard. I’ve attacked a few times with Faithbearer Paladin and done some Abundant Maw’ing so I’ve gained a bunch of life. I feel like I’m a million miles ahead.

Then he casts Emrakul, the Promised End.

When he steals my next turn, my hand is Murderous Compulsion, Haunted Dead, Abundant Maw and a land. He eats some of my guys in combat and then casts Murderous Compulsion on my Accursed Witch. He also emerges the Abundant Maw by sacrificing my Faithbearer Paladin.

While the Murderous Compulsion was my only in-hand answer to Emrakul (I could still hope to draw Choking Restraints) it was not really too devastating a sequence. I could survive two Emrakul attacks due to all the life I’d gained, while opponent’s life total was quite low and he was now on the Infectious Curse clock as well.

He did draw another blocker in the form of Swift Spinner but had to take at least one turn off of attacking with Emrakul so that he wouldn’t die on the backswing. I rebought Haunted Dead once, and also drew the lowly Rancid Rats.


I was able to make an attack that put him to 1 and passed the turn, he then died on his upkeep to the Infectious Curse. (3-0)

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