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Aether Revolt Sealed 9-0

Got my second-ever 9-0 in MTGO Friendly Sealed League with a powerful black-green deck. I did not have a lot of artifact synergy to go along with the Herald of Anguish but that card’s a bomb even if you’re not exactly “going off” with it.

That’s an 8-pack pool; I’ve been opting for the packs after Stages 1 & 2 most of the time. There are differing opinions on whether it’s a value spew to add packs in Sealed League but I like doing it, especially if I have the packs sitting in my account from previous leagues’ prizes anyway. Seems like a small gamble that’s worth it when it pays off and no biggie when it doesn’t. For example, in this league I got the Pacification Array in the pack after Stage 1, and that card was a huge factor in a lot of the subsequent games.

The last 3 rounds were all pretty sweet, and the final round guy gave me a couple chuckles in the chat:

As they say: “If” is for children.

Friendly Sealed has become my preferred way to play online over the course of the Aether Revolt format. It seems to hit that sweet spot where a mediocre player like me can realistically chain together several runs through the league. I do have one complaint though, and that is the potential to be paired against the exact same opponent in two consecutive matches.

I’ve had this happen within Stages (e.g. same opponent in Stage 1, Rounds 1 & 2) and across Stages (same opponent in Stage 1, Round 3 and Stage 2, Round 1). I’ve experienced all possible outcomes: Won against the same opponent twice, lost to the same opponent twice, and split the matches 1-1 with the same opponent.

I whined to MTGO Support about it the first time it happened, as I wasn’t sure it might not have been an actual bug. They just said (paraphrasing) “Hey, if there’s only the two of you in the queue at the time, it can happen. Tough cookies.”

Personally, I’d prefer to wait an indefinite period of time for the next match rather than be repaired against the same opponent – particularly in those cases where their deck handily outclasses yours and they just beat you to a pulp five minutes ago. That’s a pretty miserable situation that seems like it ought to be avoidable.

But, yeah, anyway: 9-0 holla.

Magic Online

Riding the Skysovereign to a 9-0

Achieved my first-ever 9-0 in a Friendly Sealed League on Magic Online. You need to catch some breaks to win 9 in a row, it helps to start by opening some unfair mythics.

I noticed multiple decks were playing at least three colors, and the deck I played against in round 8 even had a full “five color green” thing going on. I had a good curve solidly in only two colors so I was often ahead on board by a couple permanents while opponents were still setting up their third colors in the early turns. I’m also frankly lucky to have avoided encountering many opposing decks as absurd as my own. Sure, I saw other planeswalkers and other gearhulks, but I never had a Skysovereign mirror match come up.

Memorable moments included doming a guy for 11 with a Combustible Gearhulk trigger and killing an Aethersquall Ancient by casting Skysovereign, Consul Flagship and then cloning it with Saheeli Rai to get two 3-damage triggers.

Skill game!