Did an Unstable draft at the store tonight. I would have preferred Iconic Masters but the majority present voted for Unstable and I’m no wet blanket! I first-picked a foil Grusilda, Monster Masher, which is basically like The Scarab God.

Since I took that first, I just focused on taking black and red cards to fill out a deck. I did not try too hard to read the other cards to “learn” the set during the draft portion. I figured I’d just draft a quasi-normal deck and play quasi-normal Magic. I did also take a Phoebe, Head of S.N.E.A.K. since it was another rare with a seemingly powerful, repeatable ability.

I took a couple of the “contraption” cards but to be honest (and maybe I’m just dumb) I could not get my head around how they worked so I just left them out.

My round one opponent had Spike, Tournament Grinder and also happened to have a bunch of targets physically with him, so one game he literally had Sol Ring and Umezawa’s Jitte in play. Lucky for me he had otherwise poor draws and couldn’t leverage THE FRICKIN’ UMEZAWA’S JITTE HE HAD IN PLAY.

Round two opponent had a green-red die-roll/counters deck, I barely got there in the first game by grinding hard with Grusilda, Monster Masher many, many times, and I had to fade a few consecutive die rolls on the last turn. The second game, he had huge guys while I had nothing, then in the final game I curved Dirty Rat into Half-Orc, Half- into Hazmat Suit (Used) and rode that pretty hard all the way. Split the finals.

So, while I did win, and while I did have fun… I don’t think I’ll draft this again any time soon. I like spewing and screwing around probably more than a lot of people but paying an entry fee to do so kind of stresses me out in a weird way. For example, one of the games in round two, opponent had some effect that let him re-roll every die roll, plus some equipment that let him ping me then roll a die to untap the pinger and repeat… and he nearly killed me from 10 or something by doing that, and I had to fade those last couple rolls. That’s not fun for me. I mean, I’m not a dick about it. I can shrug that off like I can shrug off One With the Wind on Jade Guardian at this point but if I’m choosing whether I want that to be what’s going on, I’ll say “no thanks.”

I cracked my prize packs for funsies. The tokens are really sweet, I like those. Some of the cards will definitely make it into my cube. The lands… I’m sorry, they’re not that cool. As good as they may look, they will be diminished by overuse. They are the Ugg Boots of basic land. They are pumpkin spice latte lands.

Draft Modern

Grand Prix Omaha 2017

Spent a nice weekend at Grand Prix Omaha recently, brought along Chris to keep an eye on me. I’m due for a bender (I think I average one per quarter) so it was prudent to have a spotter around. As it happened, I was wholly responsible the entire time and got into zero trouble. I think that just rolls over and amplifies the next bender but let’s leave tomorrow’s problems for tomorrow.

The main event was Standard, which I just cannot be bothered with. To spoil the ending, an Aetherworks Marvel deck won the tournament and the card was subsequently banned. Whoopee.

I was there for the side events, the first one on Friday evening was “Foiled Again!” sealed, which was just 3 rounds of Amonkhet sealed with extra FNM promos after each win. The best one by far was the Unlicensed Disintegration that everyone got just for signing up. You did get a random Cascade Games playmat upon entering and I was glad to get the Dreamhack pyramids mat for mine. The other possible mats were all shitty garbage like a picture of Rattleclaw Mystic or Ajani standing there being a dumb cat. Hard pass.

My sealed pool was lame but I managed to 3-0 through sheer force of will, beating other decks with real cards like Angel of Sanctions and Glorybringer. I also entered several drafts througout the weekend but insta-died in all of them, so there’s not much to say there. I did open my first Invocation, a Kefnet the Mindful so I was pretty stoked about that. The other rare in the pack was Rhonas the Indomitable, so homeboy on my left was also pleased. I still think these Invocations look dope, you haters can take off. Have you seen the Blood Moon one?! Hnnnnggggh.

On Saturday, I entered a 4-round Modern event with my beloved Green-Red Ponza deck. Chris likes to give me shit about the deck whenever I’m talking it up – although, for that matter, Chris would probably give you shit for tying your shoes so it can be tough to know how to interpret any single instance of shit-giving… I digress. Point is, here for the first time, Chris had the pleasure of seeing me play some matches with the deck. I sacked off some nice Bonfire of the Damneds and everything. I don’t think I made him a believer, but I did X-0-draw into a goodly stack of skeeball tickets for the prize wall. During the event, I also happened to meet Matt Mendoza, the creator of the Modern Ponza deck. He was a couple seats down and noticed me playing it. He was fun to chat with; I should have had him sign my Mwonvuli Acid-Mosses. Other donkeys were going around getting LSV to sign their titties or whatever but for me, Mendoza was the coolest dude to meet.

Speaking of signing stuff, I got some cards signed by artists Mark Tedin, Eric Deschamps and Darrell Riche. They had advertised Jesper Myrfors but he didn’t show up. I was mildly butthurt about that as I brought a few of his old cards (e.g. Cosmic Horror) to have signed. I love that older art style; we never get anything like those pieces anymore. Now, everything is run through some processed cheese stylebook regimen.

Yeah, that’s a foil Olivia Voldaren. I got it in trade for a Bonfire of the Damned back when those cards were in Standard which, at the time, was pretty fair.

Aside from Magic stuff, we checked out a few restaurants – I made Chris try sushi, a minor coup because this guy is PICKY, and he even liked a couple of the items so we’ll have to run that back sometime. We also caught a late showing of Wonder Woman at Alamo Drafthouse. That movie is just okay, y’all need to calm down. I saw the goofy new Tom Cruise Mummy movie the following week and frankly had way more fun seeing that. I rantlaborate on that a bit on Splattercast #502, whenever that gets posted.

All these events run on prize wall skeeball tickets now so you have to cash out before you leave. I had a respectable pile and found myself with kind of slim pickins to choose from in their available stock. I got some deckboxes and a t-shirt, a few draft sets’ worth of Amonkhet boosters and burned the remainder of my tix on Eldritch Moon boosters, hoping to spike a Liliana…

Got there! Must be good karma.

Anyway, it was a pretty deece weekend.


Torch of Defoilance

We only got 6 people for draft night so we did it up team-style, but I scored pretty big with my pack one, pick one:

That’s a foil, if it isn’t clear from the crummy cell phone photo. I’m grizzled enough that I don’t freak out too much about pulling this or that from a booster but I must admit I was giddy over this one. I have been trying to get a copy of Chandra, Torch of Defiance for my Modern deck for several weeks now. I repeatedly checked with my friendly local game store – they just haven’t gotten any more copies into their stock yet. I’ve been using a borrowed one from my pal Chris for the last couple Modern tournies but of course I’d prefer to have my own.

After that pick, I tried to draft red (duh) and ended up with an okay red-white deck.

Cutting to the chase: my team won, thanks largely to one of us (not me) pulling off a 3-0. From what I saw, all six decks in the draft were pretty legit. There was an actually good Electrostatic Pummeler deck on my team, and an actually good Panharmonicon deck on the opposing team, plus some more “normal” midrangey decks like mine. Pretty sweet format.