Blue Tron at Modern FNM

The local store ran a Modern FNM this week, since Grand Prix Omaha is coming up. I played a Blue Tron list that tosses in an Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth for some incidental synergy with Sundering Titan and a pair of maindeck Dismembers.

I’m happy to say I went 4-0 against real decks.

Round 1 vs Pyromancer Storm: Game one, I put a Chalice on 1, and then another on 2 and he conceded. Chalice on 2 is most likely unbeatable for their game one configuration. Game two, he make 6 goblin tokens with Empty the Warrens and beat me down while I did nothing. Game three I stuck and protected a Chalice, then assembled Slaver-lock. (record 1-0)

Round 2 vs Splinter Twin: Game one, I answer his combo pieces one by one but pull ahead on cards & mana, eventually beating down with Batterskull. Game two is similar but I win via Slaver-lock. Twin scares me a lot, since it can insta-win so early. Opponent cast Deceiver Exarch on my upkeep several times, which I always bounced or countered. It sucks to have to tap mana on your own upkeep but I don’t believe you can let them resolve a combo piece on your turn. (record 2-0)

Round 3 vs Jeskai Ascendancy Combo: Barf, this is the new Eggs as far as I’m concerned. No offense to my opponent, he was a nice guy and it’s nothing personal but this deck is miserable to play against, especially if opponent is not vocalizing what they are doing and are maybe not experts at the deck. Game one I put a Chalice on 1 and attack with a Batterskull. Game two, he has a transformational sideboard, bringing in Delver of Secrets and Young Pyromancer. I sideboarded against the Ascendancy, so I had a bunch of lame cards and lost quickly to a swarm of tokens. Game three, he de-sideboarded back into the Ascendancy combo and I was able to keep him off the combo while attacking with Wurmcoil & Batterskull. (record 3-0)

Round 4 vs Affinity: I lose game one without doing much. Game two, I’m interacting but I do have a turn where my only out is to draw any tron land on my draw step, so that I have enough mana to cast both Fabricate (searching up Platinum Angel) and play the Angel that same turn. I luck out and draw the tron land, and win the game at negative life and 10+ poison. Game three, opponent has to mulligan and I have turn 3 Wurmcoil Engine. (record 4-0)

This version of Affinity was not playing any maindeck removal, so Galvanic Blast on my Platinum Angel was never going to happen; of course, I didn’t know that and played around Galvanic anyway. Post-board, he had Ancient Grudges, though.

So, a good showing and I’m feeling good about the deck going into Omaha. I’m not sure about the 1 Snapcaster in my maindeck; I suppose it’s fine. And I’m also not sure about 2 Fabricate / 1 Treasure mage, instead of flipping to 2 Mage / 1 Fabricate. It seems like more maindeck spells that people are likely to have would hit a Fabricate than a Mage (sorcery vs creature). I understand the Fabricate can search up more targets, and can be Snapcastered as well.

I don’t know if I’ll play the Squelches in my sideboard or not, and I used to play a Crucible of Worlds so that may be something I go back to. Also, I felt funny about playing only 1 Mindslaver maindeck instead of 2, but I guess it’s fine since I’m typically tutoring for it.

Oh, and I wanted to put new sleeves on the deck prior to the Grand Prix – you know, keep ur shit rill fresh, right? So I got a pack of my personal favorites, blue Dragon Shields. They put single cards from some game called “The Spoils” in with Dragon Shields and I got this one:

I did not expect it.


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