Magic Online Modern

Revisiting MTGO

I’ve been playing some Modern on Magic Online lately. I was missing in-person FNM and saw that a version of my favorite tier-3 pet deck, Mono Blue Tron, 5-0’d a league and got a little write-up on CFB.

The deck wasn’t too expensive to buy online; I used Cardhoarder. I’m not interested in investing much money into MTGO and I mostly play in the free “Tournament Practice” room. The best I’ve done in an actual league is 4-1, and that was while the whole Cascade-into-Tibalt thing was still legal. Those were some righteous bannings, lemme tellya!

Clicking around in MTGO made me nostalgic for all the time I used to spend playing sealed leagues on there, before I switched to drafting on Arena. I fired one off for old times’ sake and was rewarded with pretty sweet 4-Color Snow Pile:

Sideboard is the usual stuff; Broken Wings and yadda yadda yadda. I originally started a Realmwalker – playing all 6 rares in the pool – but swapped that out for the Fearless Liberator, just to have another 2-drop. Alas, never even drew it.

I’ve 9-0’d a sealed league twice before, back in the Kaladesh era, and I got there again. Dropped only 2 games!

I mean, yes, it was on the back of a busted pool more so than due to my own skill and grit – but I’m still pretty stoked about it. Even got a smidge of that classic MTGO chat salt that you just can’t replicate in Arena.

Definitely not going to play any more Kaldheim limited on MTGO. Going to retire with a perfect record and go back to durdling a little Modern. And, of course, hopefully we can all get back to the LGS soon. Feeling pretty cooped up at this point!


Summer 2020 League

With in-store play suspended for the time being, a small group of us have organized a sealed league where we get together once a week for some matches. We’re a couple weeks in and it’s been good clean fun so far. I wanted to do something special for the final prize pool, so I designed a commemorative playmat.

It features our lovely Lincoln skyline, with the dreaded Corona Virus looming large over us all. I wanted a vaporwavey feel so I used pinks and blues and retro styling on the text. I ordered from Inked Gaming and am pretty pleased with the result. The printed version is a little darker than it looked on my computer screen and I maybe should have pulled some of the text in from the edge a bit – but overall I’m very happy and I know the other guys will flip for it.

I’ve ordered from Inked Gaming a few times now and they do a great job. This particular order was turned around super fast, I ordered it on a Tuesday and it was in my mailbox that Friday.


All Gas No Brakes

New mixtape is up just in time to save your summer.